Ensure that this therapy is right for you.

Are you a candidate?
Having chosen your OOK specialist, he/she will determine if your prescription is within range for the therapy. He or she will also review the health of your eyes, your general health, and your lifestyle to ensure that this therapy is right for you.

Basic Requirements
  • Myopia Less than -5.00 Diopters
  • Astigmatism Less than -1.50 Diopters
  • Age No limits. (Not recommend for patients under 8 years of age)

  • Contra-Indicators are indicators that you may not be successfully treated with this therapy.
    These include:
  • A more severe prescription than what the therapy can correct.
  • Extreme dry eye (where the patient is unable to tolerate regular contact lenses)
  • Patients that have had laser or LASIK surgery
  • Any active or recurrent ocular surface disease
  • Keratoconus

  • Lastly, topography will be performed on each eye to determine if your cornea is the right shape for OOK treatment. A topographer is an expensive camera-like instrument that provides a contour (or shape) map of your cornea. In just seconds, a "picture" is taken of your eye. This is highly accurate, and totally painless.

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