Seeing your specialist
is a key to great vision.

At 1, 6, and 12 months...

Your OOK specialist will determine if a reduced wear schedule is possible. Some patients are required to wear their lenses every night for as long as they want the effects of therapy. However many patients are able to go a reduced wearing schedule. For example a patient may only need to wear their BE Retainer every other night or every fourth night. The goal of your specialist is to maintain the highest quality of vision with the least number of nights wear per week.

Professional cleaning and replacement

At your 6 month, and annual visits. Your specialist will determine if your lenses need professional cleaning. It is recommended to replace you OOK retainers on an annual basis to assure the quality of vision. Each retainer is a highly oxygen permeable plastic and very thin. The longer you wear the lens, the more likely it is to change shape which can cause reduced visual effects.

And beyond...

You can enjoy the benefits of Optimal Orthokeratology and life without glasses or contacts for as long as your practitioner advises. You and your OOK specialist must maintain a strict follow-up and care schedule. It is important that your care is handled by your specialist for as long as you enjoy the therapy to assure the safety and effectiveness of OOK. If you move, consult with you specialist for a certified optimal orthokeratologist in the area you are moving to.

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